the town received its name in a rather singular manner, as follows: in the year 1836, while thomas sugden, john coats and a mr. garton were prospecting, they came to a beautiful prairie about one and a half by two and a half miles in area. here, hovering and curving over a large mound, near the present residence of ebenezer thomas, was a monster bald headed eagle. from this incident and time, the prairie and town were called eagle.

    the country, in its natural state, was diversified by springs, brooks, marshes, prairie, and burr oak openings. the arable soil is slightly variable in composition, being, for the most part, a rich loam and gravel, and is quite productive. a chain of bluffs passes through the northwest part, but the greater part of the land is tillable. here, as elsewhere in the county, the inhabitants suffered the deprivations incident to pioneer life, which have become the subjects for many an evening tale.  

-----------------------------  from the archives of the eagle historical society




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