"Enjoy the scenic beauty of the
 Southern Kettle Moraine"


A Little Bit About Us

       We are excited to announce the formation of a new horse club in our area. Emphasis will be on social activities, such as trail rides, camping and potlucks.

       We will also assist the Department of Natural Resources with projects in the Southern Kettle Moraine Forest as needs arise.

     Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.                 




Southern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association July 19 Poker Run event canceled due to hot, buggy weather. Watch for reschedule when conditions improve.

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Send information about yourself, the type of riding you like to do (i.e., walk only, walk and trot only or walk, trot and canter), a picture of you and/or your horse, and your contact information to  Tripleintegral   

Post your riding or camping plans on our Yahoo site if you would like a riding buddy. Include cell phone number or other contact information. Riding is great fun; share it with others!

Upcoming Events

~  SKMHTA Treasure Hunt ~

Sue Press, Eagle, displays the trail map at last year’s treasure hunt at Horseriders Campground, Palmyra. Press and her husband, Gary, will again host the event, scheduled May 17 at the campground.


     PALMYRA –     Sue and Gary Press, board members of Southern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association, will again host the group’s first ride of the season, a treasure hunt, on Saturday, May 17, at Horseriders Campground, just south of Palmyra.

     They will provide clues to help riders find letters placed along the trail, which teams or individual riders will need to form a phrase.

     “A hint will be available to help unscramble the letters to complete that phrase,” Sue Press said, adding that maps of the treasure hunt route will be available at the campground pavilion around 10 a.m. that day.

     “Prizes will be awarded to those members with the most letters and completed phrase” just before a 2 p.m. potluck, she said.

     Participants should bring a dish to share and their own beverages. Utensils and plates will be provided. A current negative Coggins test is required for all horses ridden at SKMHTA  events.

     New trail maps, which SKMHTA member helped produce, are posted at the trailheads and are available for viewing or downloading on the club’s website (see above right).

     Further information about the May 17 event is available from Sue or Gary Press, 262-495-8611.

         “All horse lovers are welcome to join our events”, said Barclay Wallace, SKMHTA’s president. “If you choose to become a member, the membership fee is $10 per family.”

     Please share this information with your friends.

     Please also mark your calendars for future SKMHTA winter presentations.

Current negative Coggins tests are required for all horses at SKMHTA events.                 

~Membership Drive~

            SKMHTA focuses on trail riding, camping, potlucks and campfire camaraderie at the campground, group riding on regional horse trails, joint events with other horse clubs and publicizing horse-related activities in the state and region. Upcoming events are posted here and on the SKMHTA discussion web at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/skmhta.

      The organization's trail support efforts include erosion control, trail pruning and mapping .

Individual or family memberships are $10 per calendar year, and club logo cloth patches are $3 each. Membership payments will be accepted at the meetings or can be mailed to Brigitte Wendt, S107 W36991 Annice Lane, Eagle, WI 53119.

Print out our Membership Form here!




For meeting information, please contact  SKMHTA President Kim Jaye @ 262-965-4515 stevenkim@centurytel.net or:

Rae Miller, Media Coordinator  262-495-2091 rae@ticon.net

The SKMHTA Discussion Group is hosted @ http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/skmhta/ please join us.

~Updated Trail Map ~

(Adobe format)

~ Trail Group Anticipates Varied Activities In 2008 ~

Proposed 2008 Events


January 13 Annual Meeting & Veterinarian Presentation by Dr. Scott Leibsle from Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic
Hosts: Barclay Wallace
Location & Time: DNR Headquarters at 10 am

February 16
Thorrablot.... A Traditional Icelandic Mid-Winter Celebration.
Hosts: Barbara Riva
Location & Time: Winterhorse Park Icelandic Farm ~ S75 W35621 Wilton Road, Eagle at 5 pm

Be there earlier to watch the arrival of the Icelandic horses at 5:00 PM. Once in the arena they will put on a show highlighting their gait and speed.

Then join us for food and drink in the big beautiful lounge. Come join us for fun, laughter and wonder as we see and talk about this amazing breed.

March 9
Demonstration of Tips and Techniques of Successful Trail Riding  
Hosts: Pauline Stollenwerk
Location & Time: DNR Headquarters at 10 am

Our very own Pauline Stollenwerk will help us pack our saddle bags. Come and learn some great tips on getting you and your horse ready for trail rides.

Pauline has been trail riding and driving for many years and has a wealth of knowledge. She will share  her tips and tricks for the successful trail rider. You really don't want to miss this meeting.


May 17
Treasure Hunt at Horserider’s Campground – Palmyra. Sue and Gary Press, hosts, will have maps available at 10 a.m. to hunt for hidden treasure codes along the horse trails. Potluck at 2 p.m.

June 22 -
Introduction to Competitive Mounted Orienteering at Horserider’s Campground – Palmyra. Learn the basics of CMO, and then ride out on the trails to experience the fun of this sport. Compass required. Potluck at 2 p.m.

July 19 -
Fun Poker Run at Horserider’s Campground – Palmyra. Brigitte Wendt, hostess, will have maps available at 9 a.m. for a ride along the trails to find hidden codes to qualify for your poker hand. Prizes will be awarded. Potluck at 1p.m. Canceled! To be rescheduled.

September 14
Theme: The Great Cookout at High Noon at Horserider’s Campground – Palmyra. Roger and Terry Tetzlaff will host a great meal at 1 p.m. This is your chance to ride in from home or from one of the other horse parking lots to eat and greet your friends and then ride back again in the afternoon

October 18 - Open date for either a repeat of one of the above events or for rescheduling a previous event cancelled because of bad weather.

It has been our policy in the past that members ride whenever they like and with whomever they like. However there are a number of members who have joined our club with the specific objective of meeting other members to ride with. Thus, starting in 2007 anyone interested in meeting and riding with other members at any of the summer events will be able to meet at the Pavilion at a pre-defined time that will be announced in our press releases and emails. Members will also be encouraged to communicate through the SKMHTA email to find other members to ride with for SKMHTA events or at other times.

SKMHTA 2007 Trail Projects

Below is a list of some of the projects :
• Mounting trial map signs (nearly complete)
• Printing maps (nearly complete)
• Distribute maps to local law enforcement and fire departments with instructions
• Repair bulletin boards and build new bulletin board in LaGrange parking lot
• Prune brush back from trails
• Erosion control
• Work on Mueller farm site which will eventually be a rest stop with hitching posts, picnic tables and running water.

Please inform Kim Jaye at (262) 965-4515 or stevenkim@centurytel.net  if you have other ideas for trail projects that you would like the club to consider.


Dennis Burns Memorial

     A grant from the Wisconsin State Horse Council was used to construct and install two picnic tables, a sign, a mounting block and a hitching post on the Eagle Horse/Snowmobile Trails off Highway Z.

     This project and a fire pit and benches at Horseriders Campground, Palmyra, are memorials to a former member, Dennis Burns, who died May 18, 2003, following injuries in a horse-related accident.    


Please send news items, comments and suggestions to Tripleintegral